VMware Player Network Config

So I needed to run up a virtual machine on my Windows 7 Enterprise PC today and chose Vmware’s excellent Player solution.  Just a simple RedHat Storage Appliance VM bridged to my test network, except bridging wasn’t that easy.

I didn’t want to upgrade to Workstation, so… to Google!  Kudos to a.p. for the solution on Vmware’s Community Forum.  To save you the hassle of digging through Google and the thread; here’s the easy bit.

  1. Open a Command Prompt and go to the directory where you’ve saved your Vmware Player install package
  2. Run the following command, substituting the version for yours
  3. VMware-player-4.0.0-471780.exe /e .\extract
  4. cd extract
  5. mkdir network
  6. expand network.cab -F * network\
  7. Now copy the contents of the network\ directory to either C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\VMware Player (x64) or C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware Player (x86)
  8. If asked to overwrite an existing file, just say no

Now that you’ve taken possession of the all important vmnetcfg.exe, you can now configure Bridged network configurations easily.


The only thing left to do now is ensure that the Bridged to: drop down is set to the desired physical NIC.  By default it is set to Automatic; this is not what you want if you have more than one physical NIC.


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