Going to Red Hat – Solutions Architect and A/NZ Storage Specialist

So, I’ve taken a job at Red Hat as a Solutions Architect and the Australia / New Zealand lead for Red Hat Storage.

This is the third time round talking to Red Hat.  The first being back in 2000 shortly after completing my Red Hat Certified Systems Engineer (RHCE).  At the time, I was offered a role as a trainer; however due to company expansion plans and over-reach the offer was withdrawn.  The second was back in 2009 as a lab manager for a Java test lab in Brisbane, Queensland.  Not the best fit and neither party proceeded.

This time around however it seemed like a perfect fit.  A Solutions Architecture role, while reporting to Engineering, working closely with Sales.  On top of that, it’s the Australia / New Zealand specialist lead for Red Hat Storage.  Red Hat recently purchased Gluster in 2011 and serves as the basis for Red Hat Storage.

Having taken a significant amount of time to check this product out, I can honestly say I’m impressed.  I’ve recently worked closely with IBM and EMC on their storage platforms and am a fan of IBM’s V7000 and XIV, and EMC’s VNX and VNXe solutions.  The advantage of Red Hat Storage is that it is a software based storage platform – meaning you can do a lot more with it across a lot more hardware.

I’ll post more as it comes, but suffice it to say I’m pretty excited about this role and the company, people and technology I’ll be working with.


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