RedHat – One month in

So, I’ve been at RedHat for just over a month now and thought I’d share a few thoughts.

Firstly, two comments. It’s great, and also different to other companies.

I say great for a number of reasons. The most obvious is the culture and sense of purpose everyone has. People want to be here and enjoy it. The people are highly skilled and have a passion for the products, technology and customers.

It’s different in that, while we still work for a corporate that needs to make a profit, it’s not the driving force. We truly are interested in our customers and ensuring they get the right solution. Even if that means a smaller deal – it’s about the customers.

My role is two fold. Primarily I’m a territory based Solution Architect base in Australia. Where I’m presently spending a significant portion of my time is leading the rollout of RedHat Storage across Australia and New Zealand.


2 thoughts on “RedHat – One month in

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  1. What is Red Hat Storage? Sounds like software to manage a large number of disks in n nodes. Why is it awesome? Link it up?

    1. Hey Nick,

      Great question! I’m going to be filling out more info here along the way, but just quickly;

      Red Hat Storage Server is a packaged software appliance for scale-out NAS that can be deployed on commodity x86-64 hardware aimed at unstructured data. We can scale-up or scale-out with performance and capacity linearly and have no need for a meta-data server. It’s a unified storage solution for file and object, with the key advantage in our solution being that the same content can be addressed via either mechanism – storage isn’t split between access methods.

      In addition, we are the only storage provider that can address on-premise, private cloud and public cloud all in the same platform, allowing customers to rapidly deploy their applications in any environment without any requirement to modify for storage access.

      more to come in some posts soon….

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