New and sexy may be cool, but don’t forget the basics

Don't get caught up in new and sexy, often your customer just wants to to get the regular stuff done


Service Matters Just As Much as Loyalty

Flying out from Brisbane to Ho Chi Minh this evening with Singapore Airlines, unfortunately the Singapore Airlines lounge was not yet open. Thankfully, due to my Platinum status with Virgin Velocity, I was able to access the Air New Zealand lounge with a nice word and a quick explanation, "Hey, I know I'm supposed to... Continue Reading →

The value of Value

Following on from the post on The Greater Perspective, I wanted to talk briefly about the value of Value. So often in life, both personal and business, we are either buying or selling something. ¬†Whether we are the potential buyer or the eager sales person, one thing remains constant - there needs to be value.... Continue Reading →

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