Predictions come true

Now, it's all very easy to claim things that have happened as something you predicted. But that's exactly what I'm about to do. I ask your indulgence to suspend disbelief and take a leap of faith as you read the rest of this blog, past and future, and trust that you the reader will understand... Continue Reading →


2013 Forecast – Increasingly Cloudy

As I write this, it is not only the end of the first month of 2013, but for the second time in as many years Queensland (Australia) is mostly underwater and Brisbane has once again been declared a disaster zone. Crazy stuff.  But I'm not actually going to talk about the weather. With all the... Continue Reading →

VMware Player Network Config

So I needed to run up a virtual machine on my Windows 7 Enterprise PC today and chose Vmware's excellent Player solution.  Just a simple RedHat Storage Appliance VM bridged to my test network, except bridging wasn't that easy. I didn't want to upgrade to Workstation, so... to Google!  Kudos to a.p. for the solution on Vmware's... Continue Reading →

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