Andrew Hatfield Media 2017

A short collection of media in 2017 ""  

Andrew Hatfield Media 2016

A short collection of media in 2016 YouTube Playlist Red Hat ANZ Forum - Why Software Defined Storage is Critical for Your IT Strategy OpenStack Day Australia - Sydney - Future of Cloud Software Defined Storage OpenStack Day Australia - Canberra - Multiple Sites and Disaster Recovery with Ceph … Continue reading Andrew Hatfield Media 2016

Predictions come true

Now, it's all very easy to claim things that have happened as something you predicted. But that's exactly what I'm about to do. I ask your indulgence to suspend disbelief and take a leap of faith as you read the rest of this blog, past and future, and trust that you the reader will understand … Continue reading Predictions come true

Contestability is key

As organisations continue to mature their adoption of next generation technologies such as cloud (both public and private), microservices, containers and software defined infrastructure, ensuring maximal return through the prevention of lock-in and greatest adoption to realise reduced time to market and increased agility is key to success. Contestability is one mechanism that enables organisations … Continue reading Contestability is key

Dear Google, my email address is not my identity

Dear Google, My email address is not my identity.  It is merely an attribute of one of my personas. To be fair, Google is not the only culprit.  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest.  LinkedIn actually gets this right. I don't want to have multiple accounts with various social networks, productivity tools and other online resources.  What we … Continue reading Dear Google, my email address is not my identity